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1-1 -- Report of CAPSCA Africa 26/06/12 Nancy ONYEDIM & Evalou GNANG Regional Coordinators ESAF/WACAF
1-2 -- CAPSCA Highlights in Other Regions 26/06/12 Michiel Vreedenburgh
CAPSCA Project Coordinator
1-3 -- IHR (2005) Implementation at Points of Entry - Challenges in the African region 26/06/12 Dr F.Tshioko Kweteminga, WHO/AFRO IHR Contact Point, Brazzaville, Congo & 2. Dr J.Onsongo, DPC,WCO/Kenya
1-4 -- Public Health Emergency Planning at PoE 26/06/12 Daniel Lins Menucci HSE/IHR/PAG- Lyon Office
1-5 -- Current Guidelines and Best Practices for Airline staff in event of Public Health Emergencies 26/06/12 Jane Munyi, MD Head of Medical, Kenya Airways
For Claude Thibeault, MD IATA Medical Advisor
1-6 -- Updates on Public Health Preparedness Guidelines 26/06/12 Mr. D.N Ngigi Corporate Affairs Manager Jomo Kenyatta International Airport On behalf of ACI Africa & ACI World
1-7 -- CDC: Partnering for Health at US Ports of Entry 26/06/12 Nina Marano
National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases, Division of Global Migration and Quarantine
1-8 -- Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme – Protocol Questions, Continuous Monitoring Approach (CMA) 26/06/12

Dr Anthony Evans
Chief, Aviation Medicine Section
International Civil Aviation Organization

1-9 -- Challenges with implementation of ICAO Annexes (9,6,11,14 & 18)
Aviation Stakeholder Compliance to Regulations
Implementation of the IHR-Challenges
Incorporation of other WHO documentation
26/06/12 Dr.Lesego Bogatsu-SACAA-Aviation Medicine CAPSCA-ICAO Deputy-Team Leader South Africa
1-10 -- Integration of Aviation Pandemic Preparedness Plan into National Pandemic Preparedness Plan 26/06/12 Dr. Lesego Bogatsu Deputy Team Leader CAPSCA Programme-Technical Advisor-Africa
2-1 -- Implementation of International Health Regulations (IHR) at Points of Entry (POEs) in Kenya 27/10/12 Sammy Makama Division of Port Health Services Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation
2-2 -- Healthy Migrants : Pandemic preparedness and beyond 27/10/12 Nahashon Thuo Migration Health Physician International Organization for Migration, Nairobi
2-3 -- Public Health Emergency Planning—the Case of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport 27/10/12 Harrison Machio
Operations & Safety Manager
Kenya Airports Authority
2-4 -- Airport Pandemic Preparedness Plan 27/10/12 Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria
2-5 -- Policies and Procedures for the Management of Public Health Emergencies By 27/10/12 Edward Ayega
Kenya Airways
2-6 -- Air Navigation Service Provider Role: ATM 27/10/12 Seboseso M Machobane RO ATM & SAR, ESAF Regional Office
2-7 -- Role of ATS in Response to Communicable Disease In Air Travel 27/10/12 Flora Wakolo Ag CATCO OPS
Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA)
2-8 -- Les défis de la mise en oeuvre des Normes et Pratiques recommandées de l’OACI (SARP) portant sur les questions de la Santé Publique 27/10/12 L’Autorité Nationale de l’Aviation Civile de Côte d’Ivoire
2-9 -- Lesotho Background Information 27/10/12 Mrs. Nomawethu Dlangamandla
2-10 -- CAPSCA Funding Beyond 2012 27/10/12 Michiel Vreedenburgh
CAPSCA Project Coordinator
3-1 -- ICAO CAPSCA Assistance Visits to States and Airports 28/07/12 Michiel Vreedenburgh
CAPSCA Project Coordinator
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